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Expressing the Song

March 15-16, 2014 

Freight & Salvage, Berkeley  

 Friends, please join me and accomplished actress Sallie Merkel for our workshop, everyone welcome, all levels. This is really going to be fun. 

Every song is a story, and each time we perform is an opportunity to create a unique telling of that story. In this intensive workshop, we will learn many of the tools employed by actors to unlock their imaginations, get out of their heads and communicate stories that are personal, honest and specific. We will then use these strategies to approach our songs, and see how the experience of having done this internal work as homework, allows us to be more present with our fellow musicians and audience in performance. The tools we will learn in this workshop are essential, ones that we can return to time and time again to deliver unique, communicative, in-the-moment performances by creating worlds for ourselves and then sharing these worlds with our audience.   


More for information, please feel free to email me atnell@nellrobinsonmusic.com.